Image of Maren Oates Artist in her studioHello! My name is Maren (pronounced Mair-en) and I am a self-taught mixed-media artist based in the Pacific Northwest. I draw my inspiration from the natural beauty of the region, and I am always searching for new textures to incorporate into my artwork. My process combines collage, stitching, and primarily printmaking using a gel plate.

I love rolling acrylic paint on the gel plate, finding a texture to alter the smooth wet surface, and then pressing and lifting the paper to see the final result. Even after thousands of pulls, with gel printing, I am still surprised. As layers of colorful textures build up the base of a piece, I aim to balance the underlying chaos with bold lines and shapes.

My artwork has been exhibited regionally at the Schack Art Center (Everett, WA), Parklane Gallery (Kirkland, WA), Jansen Art Center (Bellingham, WA), Arts at the Port (Anacortes, WA), and Columbia City Gallery (Seattle, WA). If you’d like to see my work in person, click here for upcoming events.

If you'd like to learn about gel plate printmaking, sign up for one of my in-person workshops. Click here for a list of upcoming dates and locations.

Thanks for stopping by, please email me at hello@marenoates.com if you have any questions about my artwork or gel printing.

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