Sorting through multiple ideas at once

Sorting through multiple ideas at once

This January I'm focusing my creative time on exploration. I'm playing with new ideas, revisiting older work, and trying different techniques on my gel plate, hoping it will lead me down the right path for 2024.

I'm enjoying it thoroughly so far, but I do it a good idea to try working on so many different ideas at once? Or is it even possible to "multi-task" regarding creative ideas?

Some might say the idea of "multitasking" is the best way to get things done. But there are also studies on the topic that suggest, multitasking complex tasks may prove to be less effective, because of the mental energy needed to switch between tasks constantly.

This leads me back to my current use of creative time. Am I doing myself or my art a disservice trying to explore multiple ideas at once? Or is this just part of the process to hone in on the idea that will take me where I need to go? I'm not 100% sure.

I'll probably keep bouncing around between ideas for a bit longer, but I think eventually I need to focus on a certain direction for a while and see where it leads. I think some of my creative challenges in the past involved bouncing too frequently and not seeing concepts all the way through. Wish me luck!

Here are a few of the gel prints I've created to start the New Year. As you can see, very different ideas so far....

Artwork made using a gelliplate

Artwork created using a gel plate


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