Gel Plate Christmas Card Ideas

Gel Plate Christmas Card Ideas

As the song goes, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year", right? I do enjoy the holiday season, but honestly, when you're the person in your household trying to make sure everyone has a wonderful time, it can be a bit stressful too. 

This year it took me a little longer than usual to embrace the spirit of the season, but I think I'm finally there after finishing up the design for our family holiday card. I'm not much of a card maker and I don't really make cards for ANY other occasions. But as the end of November approaches, playing around with the gel plate for cards, gift tags, or bags is usually a helpful way to find my Christmas cheer.

Below I've shared some images of cards I've created over the past several years. Some are printed directly on the gel plate, and others use gel-printed papers, as well as a few markers or stitches for extra embellishment. You might find some inspiration for your holiday cards.

1. Use gel-printed papers to create collages on the cards.

The first image features a few designs I created this year using my "Merry" wooden letter blocks. Click here to watch my YouTube video showing how I made these gel-printed papers.

 "Merry" Christmas cards made with gel printed papers

A variety of collaged cards made with gel-printed papers and some acrylic markers.

Christmas cards created with gel printed papers

2. Use paper snowflakes as a mask for gel-printed snowflake cards. 

Winter cards made with paper snowflakes as a mask

3. Use oil pastels as a resist for a gel-printed holiday card (bottom), and ghost print (top-green one). I used some posca markers for a little embellishment.

Christmas cards made with oil pastel resist on a gel printing plate

4. Use a fern in place of a tree on your gel plate for a botanical holiday card. (Bottom-first print as mask, Top-ghost print for texture)

Christmas cards made with ferns

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